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Embedding Advanced & Sustainable Technologies into Welsh Manufacturing

ASTUTE (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) combines the latest innovations in advanced manufacturing from eight leading Welsh Universities, led by Swansea. This offers Welsh enterprises (based in the convergence region) the opportunity to collaborate with world-class academic and industry experts in the fields of Engineering, Science and Business to generate cutting-edge, sustainable solutions to real manufacturing problems.

Projects undertaken with Welsh enterprises are collaborative in nature which requires the enterprise to match the level of inputs provided by ASTUTE, this can be in the form of in-kind contributions based on staff costs, access to equipment, provision of materials etc. It should be noted that we do not undertake activities which may be considered as potentially displacing the private sector. Please use the contact us link above to discuss your manufacturing related issues further.

Since the start of the project in May 2010, ASTUTE has already collaborated successfully with 289 Welsh companies covering a range of different sectors.

Cambrian Printers, Commercial Director, David Lowe, describes the collaboration his company has had with ASTUTE.



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  1. 17.May.2015

    IOP Innovation Awards 2015

    The IOP Innovation Awards are a mark of recognition that your company is at the cutting edge of physics and business.

  2. 30.Apr.2015

    Interested in doing a fully funded Doctorate or Masters degree in Engineering?

    Would you be interested in doing a a fully funded Doctorate or Masters degree in Engineering? All projects are run in conjunction with companies and have an industrial and an acade..

  3. 29.Apr.2015

    AntiMicrobial Challenge: Working together to meet this global threat

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  4. 20.Apr.2015

    Printed Photovoltaics: From Materials to Manufacture

    Printed Photovoltaics: From Materials to Manufacture, is a two day workshop to discuss the challenge and opportunities for printed PV technologies, including perovskites, organic a..

  5. 17.Jul.2014

    Unique EU-funded Project Driving Research and Innovation Success

    Unique EU-funded Project Driving Research and Innovation Success & ASTUTE Project Showcases its Support for Welsh Manufacturing