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Embedding Advanced & Sustainable Technologies into Welsh Manufacturing

The five year (2007-2013) EU Funded Project ASTUTE (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) has now ended. ASTUTE was part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Welsh Government.

ASTUTE has supported the stimulation of ideas in the Welsh manufacturing sector through provision of resources, facilities, advice and guidance exploiting the wealth of world class research in Welsh Universities in close research collaborations with industry.
ASTUTE has supported more than 250 Welsh enterprises in West Wales and the Valleys, supporting them towards long term sustainability and competitiveness, the most evident improvements experienced by companies were improved processes, accelerated research and development, improved growth prospects and new product developments.

The final evaluation of ASTUTE which comprises the findings of an external independent review has come to the conclusion that, using conservative estimates, ASTUTE’s work created economic impact of well in excess of £200M in West Wales and the Valleys showing that for each £1 invested an outstanding return of over £8 of economic impact was achieved.

Other key measures achieved by ASTUTE include 141 collaborative R&D projects and 294 enterprise assists resulting in outputs of e.g.:
• Total funding applications submitted as a result of ASTUTE interventions of £49,882,644
• A single project with the potential of saving over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year in the UK alone.
• Investment induced of £6,636,800
• 158 Jobs created
• 11 Enterprises created
• 42 Products, processes or services registered
• 342 Products, processes or services launched

We would sincerely like to thank all those who have been at the forefront of research, innovation and development, embedding of technologies and knowledge transfer into Welsh SMEs over the last five years, in particular the Welsh industry sector for engaging with academia and showing that close collaboration and partnership are at the core of a successful relationship and Welsh Government and local authorities for providing valuable advice and guidance.

All your support has allowed us to make a highly positive impact on the economic growth of the Welsh manufacturing sector. Your backing will help the manufacturing sector thrive. Thank you.

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