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METal - Manufacturing Technology

The manufacturing technology course provides an overview of common manufacturing techniques and methods as well as covering some of the technical aspects associated with these techniques.

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Image: METal - Manufacturing Technology

Heathrow Business Summit

The Welsh Government and Heathrow Airport Ltd (HAL) invites you to apply* for the first Welsh Business Summit that will connect Wales based businesses ‘face to face’ with supply chain opportunities from one of the World’s busiest airports. The Summit will provide new growth opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. The event takes place on Wednesday 5 July 2017 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm at the Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff.

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Image: Heathrow Business Summit

METal - Environmental Issues

With focus on the environment ever increasing and legislation rapidly changing it is becoming more important to understand the influence industry has on the environment. This course provides an education into current legislation and the influence industry is having on the environment.

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Image: METal - Environmental Issues

METaL - Arc Welding

The course provides a detailed technical description of the key arc welding processes explaining the effects of changes in welding parameters on weld quality. It provides an understanding of the weldability of both a variety of metals and the range of product grades for a given metal.

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Image: METaL - Arc Welding

METal - Introduction to CAD, 2D & 3D

This course is designed to give an overview of Computer Aided Design (CAD) using both 3D & 2D design methods. The skills learned are generic and easily transferable to any modern parametric CAD system.

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Image: METal - Introduction to CAD, 2D & 3D
Image: METaL - Corrosion & Coatings Technology


METaL - Corrosion & Coatings Technology

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the world of corrosion, the electrochemical mechanisms and methods for preventing corrosion.

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Engineering Wales Conference 2017

As part of the Welsh Government’s Sêr Cymru initiative The National Research Network (NRN) in Advanced Engineering and Materials (AEM) hosts 'Engineering Wales.' This inaugural event is designed to enhance the voice of engineering from within Wales and promote its activities and scientific achievements during a one day event through an array of talks and workshops with the promotion of industry and academia collaboration at its heart.

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Image: Engineering Wales Conference 2017

SMART INNOVATION - Expert Clinic Sessions

Come along and find out about innovation support for your business. We can help you to: invest in research and development (R&D), introduce new techniques and technologies in design and manufacturing, protect your assets through intellectual property (IP) rights, access facilities and expertise in universities and colleges

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Image: SMART INNOVATION - Expert Clinic Sessions
Image: International Women in Engineering Day

23/06/2017 ASTUTE 2020 News

International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day takes place on 23 June annually. This day focuses attention on the amazing careers in engineering and technical roles for girls, and allows us to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding women engineers.

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Image: Join the ASTUTE 2020 Team - Project Assistant / Project Officer

22/06/2017 ASTUTE 2020 News

Join the ASTUTE 2020 Team - Project Assistant / Project Officer

An exciting opportunity to work with leading academic experts in close collaboration with industry, developing impactful, state-of-the-art research-based solutions to the real world problems facing advanced manufacturing businesses and their supply chains throughout West Wales and the Welsh Valleys.

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Image: Welsh Companies can Capitalise on Academic Expertise in Industry 4.0

25/05/2017 ASTUTE 2020 News

Welsh Companies can Capitalise on Academic Expertise in Industry 4.0

Welsh companies have the opportunity to learn from the experience gained on ‘what worked’ and ‘what did not work’ during Uni-Pol’s journey to Industry 4.0 through collaboration with ASTUTE 2020.

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Image: Swansea University - Year in Industry


Swansea University - Year in Industry

The College of Engineering at Swansea University runs a Year in Industry placement scheme. It is a valued scheme for our students who get a chance to be trained as better engineers.

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