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Grant opportunity for UK-based businesses of all sizes.

Gain access to world-leading experts and cutting-edge facilities, techniques and technologies to solve an existing analysis or measurement problem facing your business.

Analysis for Innovators (A4I) is led by Innovate UK in partnership with ASTUTE and other UK laboratories and research facilities. Its focus is to help individual companies solve tricky and, perhaps, long running technical problems affecting existing processes, products, or services. It connects companies with the UK's top scientists and engineers to address these problems in innovative ways, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness. 

The funding is split into two strands:  

  1. Analysis for Innovators (A41) Round 7 Projects – up to £150,000 funding for a project of 3 - 6 months duration. Open to UK businesses of any size.
  2. Analysis for Innovators (A41) Round 7 Mini – up to £50,000 funding for a project of 3 months duration. Open to all UK SMEs.

Round 7 funding competition is now closed


Why Collaborate with ASTUTE? 

At ASTUTE, we collaborate with businesses in the manufacturing industry to boost productivity and growth by applying advanced engineering technologies to complex manufacturing challenges.

We support companies to drive their research, development and innovation efforts forwards, leading to a range of positive economic, environmental, and commercial impacts such as job creation, knowledge-sharing opportunities, developing sustainable practices, and bringing new products to market.