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ASTUTE 2020 Update September 2020

Here at ASTUTE 2020, we can support your business throughout this period of uncertainty. Our world-class academics and technical experts from across our strong Welsh Universities partnership are available to support you through research and innovation activities. If you wish to discuss opportunities for working with us e.g. to modify your production to develop solutions to support the fight against COVID-19, you can contact us via email.


Image: High Resolution Computational Flow Modelling of Blood Oxygenators

High Resolution Computational Flow Modelling of Blood Oxygenators

Business: Haemair Ltd.

Result Areas: High Resolution Computational Flow Modelling of Blood Oxygenators

Technology: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Porous Media Characterisation, Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics

Location: Swansea


Haemair’s corporate mission is “to reduce acute deaths, improve the lives of chronic sufferers and to provide an alternative to lung transplantation”. To do so, Haemair have incorporated state of the art academic knowledge into its product development cycle since its inception in 2005.


The development of blood oxygenators involves multidisciplinary work on permeable membrane gas exchange, non-Newtonian fluid flow through porous media , gas phase solubility and transport, and the resulting stresses on the components of blood. The ASTUTE project investigated the modelling techniques available for blood flow in porous media. The study looked at the flow characteristics at macro and micro-scales using the high performance computing facilities available at Swansea University.


As a result, a model was formulated and validated to establish pressure drops and oxygen transport through blood oxygenators, enabling best design decisions. In addition, the impact of the choice of model was assessed with regards to blood oxygenation and damage to blood cells.

“Not only have the results been of direct use, they have moved the science forward as apparent from the forthcoming open refereed publications.”

- W. R. Johns, Director, Haemair Ltd.

Due to focus on Smart Specialisation, some of the expertise areas in the case studies might not be covered in the current ASTUTE 2020.