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ASTUTE 2020 Update September 2020

Here at ASTUTE 2020, we can support your business throughout this period of uncertainty. Our world-class academics and technical experts from across our strong Welsh Universities partnership are available to support you through research and innovation activities. If you wish to discuss opportunities for working with us e.g. to modify your production to develop solutions to support the fight against COVID-19, you can contact us via email.


What is the circular economy?

What is the circular economy?


The circular economy is an alternative to the current ‘take, make, waste’ linear economy based on extracting raw materials, manufacturing a product, consuming and disposing of the product. A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and restoring and regenerating natural systems. Manufacturers in Wales can be part of the circular economy – making small changes to supply chains can have a big positive impact on the company.

For manufacturers, the circular economy means reducing waste and maintaining the value of resources for longer by utilising the waste of one process as the input of another. By designing systems that consider the whole-life of a product and considering re-using, re-manufacturing, or recycling components, less raw material is required. Quality improvements to manufacturing processes can result in a reduction of waste by ensuring that the outcome is repeatable and material flows are predictable.

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