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A thank you to Aberystwyth University for 10 years of partnership

A thank you to Aberystwyth University for 10 years of partnership


ASTUTE2020+ announce that Aberystwyth will be leaving the EU-funded multi-University partnership after ten successful years of collaboration, having assisted businesses across Wales with cutting-edge research, development, and innovation.

The Aberystwyth Department of Computer Science brought a great understanding of complex digital manufacturing interactions to ASTUTE2020+, and their deep engineering expertise and collaborative approach have been invaluable to the operation. Over the last decade, their team, led by esteemed Professor Chris Price, played a key role in supporting the Welsh manufacturing industry through the development of leading technology products and platforms.

Since technology permeates all aspects of business, companies can gain and sustain competitive advantage through the development of digital solutions and by remaining at the forefront of innovation. Aberystwyth University helped businesses across West Wales and the Valleys accomplish this by delivering intelligent systems, operational excellence, and manufacturing improvement within production and inventory control. This was achieved through the collection, analysis, and exploitation of manufacturing performance data.

The value of Aberystwyth’s contribution was showcased in an ASTUTE2020+ industrial case study with Cambrian Printers; a Welsh printing company that runs 24 hours a day producing journals, magazines, and brochures for customers across the UK. The company engaged with ASTUTE2020+ to increase their productivity and minimise downtime by improving their ability to monitor and report manufacturing problems. Aberystwyth University investigated the technical feasibility of remote plant monitoring via smartphones and was able to develop intelligent software that provided current data and information on the status and performance of machines. The software was also able to monitor shifts and provide an up-to-date status on all orders and invoices.

Thanks to the efforts of the Aberystwyth team, Cambrian Printers were able to become more efficient and competitive as a result of the expert capture and presentation of data from their production monitoring systems.

Professor Johann Sienz, Operation Director, ASTUTE 2020+ said:

“Partnering with Aberystwyth University’s Department of Computer Science has been pivotal to the success of ASTUTE 2020+. I would like to thank Professor Chris Price and his team for their hard work and dedication over the years and also Aberystwyth University for their decision to join the partnership and their continued contribution over the last decade. Prof Price and his team’s successes highlight the unique value that collaboration between Welsh Higher Education Institutions and the manufacturing sector can create. It represents a step-change in the way businesses can address challenges whilst in pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage and company resilience. The ASTUTE 2020+ partnership is proud to deliver positive business impacts to the manufacturing industry across Wales.”


ASTUTE 2020+ commitment to collaborating with the manufacturing Industry across wales will continue to be delivered by the four partners, Swansea University, Cardiff University, the University of South Wales and the University of Trinity Saint David until September 2022.

You can find out more about our varied and unique collaborations with the Welsh manufacturing sector here.

Get in touch to discuss opportunities for working with us; we are here to provide support on your manufacturing challenge, email: info@astutewales.com, visit: astutewales.com

The ASTUTE 2020+ operation has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and the participating Higher Education Institutions.